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company registration in thailand for foreigner
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A Thai wedding generally consists of two parts: the legal part and the ceremonial part. These are done separately. There is no required government documentation to have a religious ceremony, which is most common with Thai people. This is considered by many to be the real wedding. The legal part is performed at a local registrar office (Amphur) where the marriage is registered. The marriage certificate is written in Thai.

Thai marriage eligibility

1. Both parties must be at least 17 years of age. A court order would otherwise be needed.
2. Neither party should be mentally ill.
3. The partner may not be blood relations with one another.
4. Both cannot share the same adoptive parents.
5. Neither may have a spouse at the time of the marriage.

NOTE: If the woman is a widow or divorced, the marriage can only take place 310 days after her husband's death or the termination of the previous marriage. The exception being where:
1. A child was born during this time
2. A divorced couple is remarrying
3. There is a court order allowing the woman to marry
4. There is a certificate from a doctor (working in a Thai hospital only) to state that the woman is not pregnant.


Documents required for foreigners who wish to marry Thai nationals 

1. A copy of the passport including the arrival card (TM6)
2. Affirmation of eligibility to marry from one’s embassy in Bangkok. 
3. Translation of the passport and affirmation letter in Thai certified by an approved Foreign Ministry translator.
4. Original proof of divorce, or, in the case of spousal death, proof of death must be made available with Thai translation. 

Thai marriage procedure

1. Obtain the affirmation document from your embassy in Bangkok. 
    The affirmation letter must contain of these information: 
    - Your income
    - Your marital status; a copy of your divorce order or death certificate of your spouse is required (if divorced or widowed)
    - List of your children and their ages (if any)
    - Two citizens in your home country as references; their names, addresses, telephone numbers and emails are required. 

2. Once you have obtained the affirmation, our team will assist you in translating the documents and having them legalized by the Division of Consular Affairs Department, where the Consular Official's signature will be authenticated. This process takes 4-7 working days. This step can be done within the same day, but the client must be present at the Division of Consular Affairs Department. 

3. After the translation documents have been legalized, our team will assist you at the registrar’s office. The registration can be done within 1 hour, and the marriage certificate will be issued within the same day. 

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