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VALENS offers a complete range of commercial and criminal dispute resolution services for both local and foreign clients as well as public institutions. 

We seek to offer our clients outstanding dispute resolution expertise, combined with industry know-how and understanding, in order to serve its clients' best interest through settlement negotiations, full-scale proceedings or by other means of dispute resolution procedures.

Our lawyers are experienced in representing clients at the local and international level in trial and appeal courts. 

Commercial disputes

VALENS’s proactive approach strives to put its clients in a position of strength in business and commercial disputes ranging from ownership disagreements and transaction anomalies to breaches contract. 

Criminal disputes

Our criminal lawyers have an in-depth familiarity with procedural and substantive law, and we can apply our knowledge of the prosecution’s tactics, the functions of courts and judges presiding over the case to effectively represent our clients in criminal proceedings. 

Serious criminal charges

Serious criminal charges can potentially have a huge effect on a person and his/her family. Thus, our lawyers practice with experience and discretion with respect to every phase of each criminal case that we handle to ensure that our clients understand their rights and receive every possible protection available under the law. 

Domestic violence

Domestic violence cases require a deep understanding of the personal circumstances and relationships. Our lawyers have experience in establishing case facts related to physical and forensic evidence as well as in producing witness testimony. 
White collar offenses

We assist and represent persons in matters involving financial crimes, including tax evasion, fraud and cyber-crime offences. 

Criminal appeals

We litigate criminal appeals from verdicts handed down in our clients’ cases as well as in cases defended by other lawyers, where have changed their legal team to our firm in order to pursue an appeal in the appellate court and the Appellate division of high Supreme Court. 

Bail and Miscellaneous

Our firm represents individuals in Bail applications and matters of appeal against orders refusing bail. Our lawyers often advise and/or litigate miscellaneous criminal applications under the Criminal Procedure Code of Thailand. 

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