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company registration in thailand for foreigner
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Benefits of Thai citizenship:
1. Able to own land and properties in your name.
2. No longer need a Work Permit
2. No longer need to apply for a visa every year
3. No longer need to do visa runs
4. No longer need a re-entry permit
5. Able to hold more than 49% of shares in Thai company

Becoming a Thai citizen is not automatic, the government requires all applicants to:
1. Have a continuous residence and physical presence in Thailand
2. Have an ability to read, write and speak basic Thai
3. Understand Thai culture
4. Have good moral character
5. Have positive feelings about Thailand

For those married to a Thai national, the qualifications are:
1. Must have been living Thailand for at least 3 consecutive years.
2. Employed and paying personal income tax (Phor Ngo Dor 91) for 3 consecutive years. 
3. Married to a Thai citizen (with or without children)
4. Have full legal status in Thailand and your home country
5. Show good behavior with no convictions
5. Have Thai language skill

If you are not married to a Thai national, the qualifications are:
1. The applicant must have been living in Thailand for at least 5 consecutive years
2. Must be a holder of a permanent resident visa for a minimum of 3 years. 
3. Been employed and paying personal income tax (Phor Ngor Dor 91) for 3 consecutive years prior to the application date 
4. Have basic Thai knowledge 


The process of application including both preparing and filing takes 1-2 months


The first interview is within 7 days from the filing date, and the second interview is within 14 days of the first interview. 


The consideration period and the final interview will be take approximately 3 years after the initial application filing date. 

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