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Investing and establishing a company in Thailand involves possible incentives offered by the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI).


Valens provides you with a one-stop service for investment in Thailand. Our corporate team has experience in handling BOI applications and related licenses for several industry sectors. 

Our team will assist you through the application process of applying for BOI promotional privileges from the time an application is prepared and submitted to the time a business starts operation.


The investor may file the BOI application either before or after registering a Thai company.


The following are some privileges that the BOI offers investors to invest in Thailand in encouraged specific activities and specificinvestment zone:


- Permission for foreign investors to own land                                                 

- Permission to operate under 100% foreign ownership

- Exemption from work permit and visa rules

- Exemptionof import duty on machinery

- Corporate income tax exemption for up to 8 years

- Deduction of Transportation, Electricity and Water Costs

- Deduction of Project’s Infrastructure Installation costs

- Exemption of import duty on raw or essential materials used in the manufacturing of export products for five years

- Permission for foreign technicians, experts and their spouses or dependents to work and stay in Thailand


The following are some promoted activities which Thailand BOI offers special privileges; 


- Agriculture and Agricultural Products

- Mining, Ceramics and Basic Metals

- Light Industry

- Metal Products, Machinery and Transport Equipment

- Electronics Industry and Electrical Appliances

- Chemicals, Paper and Plastics

- Services and Public Utilities

- Technology and Innovation Development 


To request further information or arrange an obligation-free meeting with one of our legal counsel, please contact us.


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To request further information or arrange an obligation-free meeting with one of our legal counsel

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