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Foreigners married to a Thai national are eligible to apply for a marriage visa. The holders of a one-year marriage visa (Non-Immigrant O marriage type visa) are eligible to apply for a work permit in Thailand. 


(1) The applicant must have been granted a Non-Immigrant visa (NON-IM). This type of visa can be obtained from a Royal Thai embassy prior to arrival or converted into this visa type once in Thailand. 
(2) The applicant must have proof of relationship (i.e. a Marriage Certificate)
(3) The applicant must maintain an average annual income of no less than 40,000 Baht per month throughout the year (and a Thai work permit is required) or must have deposited funds of no less than 400,000 Baht at least 2 months before the date of application to cover expenses for one year. 


(1) The applicant and their Thai spouse must submit the required documents and application at the immigration office. A short interview is required.
(2) After the application has been accepted, the permission to stay for 30 days will be granted for a consideration period. If the applicant wishes to leave Thailand during this period he/she must apply for re-entry permit. 
(3) After 30 days the applicant must return to the immigration office to receive a one-year visa stamp in their passport. 
(4) The re-entry permit can be obtained once one year visa is granted. 

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